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Dr. Suman

BPT Physiotherapy & Accupressure Advanced Australian Therapy

She has completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2009 from Baba Saheb Ambedkar College in vikaspuri Delhi and did internship at Army Hospital Delhi Cantt. She has very good reults in treating patients with chronic joint pain in knee area, backache, shoulder pain etc. her services are qite affordable and patient compliance is quite high.

Certificate course

  • SNAG, MWM, SMWLM, Neurodynamic SNAG, Taping, High velocity thrust (Advance Australian Techniques for Pain and Sprains) (2009)
  • Spine and Peripheral Joints Bio - Mechanics and Kinesiology (2006)
  • Acupressure for incurable pain, post chikungunya pain swelling, digestive problems, ladies problems, height, headache

Dr. Suman Physiotherapy  Accupressure in Aaditri Clinic Delhi
Dr. Suman
BPT Physiotherapy & Accupressure Advanced Australian Therapy
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Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic R - 274 Basement, Greater Kailash Part - I, New Delhi 110048
+91-11-65658647, 9211958647

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