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Dt. Nidhi

Nutritionist & Founder Pathya Wellness

Nidhi is a health and wellness coach who provides consultations for healthy way of living.

She has 5 years of experience to back her, in which she has helped guide the clients of VLCC, Health Sanctuary and patients of various multispeciality clinics towards a healthy way of life.

Her love for all things healthy unfolded during her senior school years, when while studying home science she realized how a healthy lifestyle can enhance the quality of ones life. Her personal experience of healthy way of living through a healthy lifestyle motivated her to help others move towards a healthy overall wellbeing.

Later on she added Diploma in Dietitics, Health and Nutrition, Diploma in Sports Nutrition to her qualifications. She is also a trained Pre Natal Yoga expert and a trained yoga instructor.

Today, as the founder member and director of Pathya Wellness she organizes workshops for various schools and corporate houses. She gives couselling sessions to pre natal and post natal patients also. She finds it extremely rewarding to see young children, parents, corporate employees and people from all walks of life enjoy an improved lifestyle and overall healthy wellbeing. Her counselling sessions and workshops have helped people reverse their medical conditions such as Pre-diabetic, diabetic and hypertension.

Her desire is to promote and increase the awareness in society about healthy eating and how it can prevent and treat major illnessess as well various lifestyle diseases.

Dt. Nidhi in Aaditri Clinic Delhi
Dt. Nidhi
& Founder Pathya Wellness
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