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About Us

Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic is an ISO certified clinic. It is registered under the PNDT & MTP act by the government.

Nestled in the busy market-place of GK-1 this Multispeciality Clinic provides comprehensive medical facilities at very competitive rates. Through our clinic we bring together the best healthcare professionals offering the most advanced and specialized healthcare you want and deserve.

Our team of medical professionals represent the very best within their respective fields most of us being trained at the apex institute of AIIMS New delhi and cover the most sought-after specialties likes:

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Gastrosurgery
  • Physiotherapy & Accupressure
  • Wellness therapies
  • Weight loss & nutrition

The clinic has inhouse ultrasound machine, colposcope, uroflowmeter and has affiliation to nearby reputed hospitals which cater round the clock indoor and operative facilities for all strata of patients if such are required.

Why choose us
Convenience -
  • One-stop service for diagnosis and treatment - laboratory tests, ultrasound imaging and counselling
  • Comprehensive packages affordable for people from all walks of life
  • Selective day care services also available
  • Easy to locate and ample parking space
Commitment -
  • More than anything else, the concern for patients is the topmost priority of the doctor.
Excellence -
  • Following global best practices and adhere to strict international standards
  • A highly-qualified team of complementary therapists and psychological counselor
  • Specified treatment customized for individual needs.

Aaditri Clinic brings the healthcare services you need, the convenience you want and the standards you deserve, right to your doorstep.
We completely understand the emotional and financial stresses involved.
Patients seek treatment not only because of our expertise, especially in treating the most difficult cases of infertility and pregnancy but also because of our heartfelt care.

  • Consultation


    Consultation in OBGY, Urology ,Gastrosurgery & Physiotherapy

  • Day Care

    Day Care

    Minor procedures in OBGY like D&C ,Biopsy IUI can be done .We have an in house video colposcope for cervical cancer screening

  • Lab Tests

    Lab Tests

    We are affiliated to quality labs and all sorts of tests including Genetic screening can be done at our centre

  • Ultrasound


    Ultrasound in OBGY-Our centre is PNDT registered .We do viability scans and growth monitoring along
    with Doppler in pregnant mothers .Follicular monitoring and ultrasound guided IUI is also done for infertility patients

  • Physiotherapy & Acupressure

    Physiotherapy & Acupressure

    We are a highly equipped centre for Physiotherapy also providing Advanced Australian therapy

  • Nutrition & Weight Loss

    Nutrition & Weight Loss

    By highly qualified and experienced nutritionists

  • Wellness Centre

    Wellness Centre

    Life style modification measures, exercise ,Yoga , energy balancing , counselling sessions and workshops have helped people reverse their medical conditions such as Prediabetes, Diabetes, Hypertension and Irritable bowel syndrome.

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Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic R - 274 Basement, Greater Kailash Part - I, New Delhi 110048
+91-11-65658647, 9211958647

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