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  • Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic
  • Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic
  • Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic
  • Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic

Welcome To Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic
Welcome to the obstetrics and gynecology practice of Dr Aprajita Singh.

Aaditri multispeciality clinic is an ISO certified clinic.It is registered under the PNDT & MTP act by the government. Nestled in the busy market-place of GK-1 this Multispeciality Clinic provides comprehensive medical facilities at very competitive rates.
Through our clinic we bring together the best healthcare professionals offering the most advanced and specialized healthcare you want and deserve.

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Meet the Doctors
  • Dr. Aprajita Singh in Aaditri Clinic Delhi
    Dr. Aprajita Singh
    MBBS (Gold Medalist) MD, DNB MNAMS OBGY
    Formerly at AIIMS, New Delhi
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  • Dr. Ashish Kumar Saini Urogynecologist in Aaditri Clinic Delhi
    Dr. Ashish Kumar Saini
    MBBS MS (KGMC) Mch
    (Gold Medalist) AIIMS New Delhi Formerly Assist Prof Urology AIIMS New Delhi
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  • Dr. Deepak Govil in Aaditri Clinic Delhi
    Dr. Deepak Govil
    MBBS MS Phd Gastrosurgery AIIMS,
    Senior Consultant Apollo Hospital Sarita Vihar
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  • Dr. Suman Physiotherapy Accupressure in Aaditri Clinic Delhi
    Dr. Suman
    BPT Physiotherapy & Accupressure Advanced Australian Therapy
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  • Dt. Nidhi in Aaditri Clinic Delhi
    Dt. Nidhi
    Nutritionist & Founder Pathya Wellness
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  • Dt. Monisha Ashokan
    Dt. Monisha Ashokan
    Nutritionist & Health Coach Founder Nourish ME
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What Our Patients Say About Us Testimonials

  • Im Enakshi Puri, age 39 years, I had been trying to conceive a baby for past one and a half years, but couldn't. While trying for a baby I had two miscarriages, then I was referred to Dr.Aprajita who is a very competent doctor, and handled my case with utmost care, under her guidance I conceived after just two months, she, was always available for me,and kept a close watch on my case as my baby was very precious for me.She became my angle as she went out of the way to make me comfortable during my pregnancy.
    Se had promised me that I would have a healthy baby at the end of the term and so I got blessed with a baby boy, I profusely thank her for being an angel to me, she was a big support to me through out my pregnancy,she became a very good friend,and had given me a lot of hope,that made me confident.Today when I look at my bundle of joy I thank her for being there for me,as I couldn't have found a better doctor than her.....Thanks a million...Dr.Aprajita. God bless you.

    - Enakshi
  • I am forever grateful to Dr. Aprajita for the best gift of my life - my Baby. Her support and care during my pregnancy was incredible. She made us feel confident and relaxed during our tough time. Her approach of providing treatment, listening to patients and solving all their queries and fears is excellent.Thank you so much :) I strongly recommend others to visit her regarding any health issues/concerns of women

    - Priya
  • I referred a patient with a complicated pregnancy with Diabetes .the patient was looked after very nicely .She was fully satisfied with her way of handling queries of the patient about diabetes and future consequences.She had a great appreciation for her behaviour and the way of advice and the care to be taken in future for safe pregnancy.She found the doctor to be very knowledgeble ,caring and intelligent.

    - Dr Ashok Aggarwal
  • I would like to share my experience on this forum. My wife was diagnosed with fibroid uterus and advised that surgery was the only option.
    We were all very apprehensive regarding the surgery and were seeking a second opinion. One of my collegues at work suggested Dr Aprajita Singh. Doctor Aparajita singh reviewed my reports and answered all my queries patiently. She suggested that given the size of my wifes fibroid a medical alternative was also possible. She also explained all the pro and cons regarding the line of management. Thanks to her my wifes fibroid size have reduced significantly and we are much relieved.
    Thank you Doctor for your advice and help.

    - Sumit Joshi
  • Dr Aparajita Singh nicest doc I have ever met .she always takes time with me, she answers all my questions very patiently and never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. I always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There are no unanswered questions, doubts, or confusion.
    I have complete trust in her evaluations and treatment. Would not go anywhere other than her.Very pleased with the progress and the doctor's honest answers.

    - Deepti

Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic R - 274 Basement, Greater Kailash Part - I, New Delhi 110048
+91-11-65658647, 9211958647

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